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Participating in the artistic experience is optional, but the memories created throughout the artistic experience allow you to describe how the painting was designed to your specifications to make it uniquely yours. Whether you desire to to begin your artistic experience or purchase a uniquely created piece of art , you can use the email link or the contact information on this page, and I will reply as soon as possible.

Jeff Mayfield

Creative Freedom

Creative freedom is a rewarding way to highlight the strengths of various mediums and to produce individualized artwork. My photography focuses on how to encompass an image with light and its reflections. Whether incorporating bright colors, the values expressed in a black and white photo, or how the light reflects off of the subject and cuts across the background; the light and its reflections are crucial to illuminating the message of each image. Utilizing the colors within the visible sections of the light spectrum can reveal scenes and subjects in a different light. From highlights to shadows, all of the different values are integral parts of an image. Taking the time necessary to measure both the light falling on a subject and the amount of light reflected off of the subject allows me to obtain the intended effects. Specific moments in life can be displayed with supplementary lighting as a visual representation of what was gained from that experience. Each fine art photograph is artistically developed to emphasize the unique story portrayed in the image.

The creativity involved in combining photography, watercolor, pastel, and ink provides many ways to accentuate the message within a work of art. The reflection of light on fiber paper through transparent watercolors illuminates the subject in a selective way. When areas of a painting need an opaque medium, I utilize gouache. This accentuates the transparent areas of a painting by increasing the contrast. Chinese paints add more unique opaque colors to the fiber paper. Specifically developed and incorporated photography can be used to increase the form and texture. Sometimes I include pen and ink to define smaller details. However, many subjects require a greater softness with rich depth of color to convey their messages. This led me to use pastel, a dry pigment with very little binder. I like to retain the right amount of transparency, so I prefer to use pure pigment in pans, but I utilize traditional stick pastels whenever they harmoniously enhance the image. Using creative methods tailored to the message at hand results in uniquely satisfying works of art.


Artistic Mediums and Substrates


Watercolor and Gouache


Chinese Paint and Ink

Graphite, Pen, and Ink

Photographic Pigment Ink

Fiber Paper, Board, and Canvas